HPC (High Performance Computing)

HPC (High Performance Computing) is the general name given to the computer sets created by combining the number of computers working together and allow them to function as a whole when the required performance is not possible on a single computer. Basically, HPC is a complete high performance computing (HPC) management solution in a single unit. Thanks to the processing power of the higher dimensions, users have an infrastructure that works uninterruptedly with HPC solutions. In addition, high scalability can be obtained by adding new computers to the cluster. For example, a system with 2000 processors and 5 TB memory can be obtained with HPC solutions. 

ComPro has taken the necessary training on IBM High Performance Computing solutions and has experienced workers in this field, and accomplished successful projects that provide agile solutions in the most difficult and complex problems of the companies.

HPC solutions are being used especially in the energy, finance, manufacturing, health care and media sectors in which R & D activities and simulation studies carry great importance. As well as HPC solutions were prepared for these sectors, HPC solutions can be designed specifically for the corporate by ComPro.

ComPro provides HPC solutions with IBM which is one of the most specialized companies in the world on this issue, and has 24 projects in the list of TOP100 SuperComputers. Besides, ComPro provides consulting, design, installation and support services by using its experience of the completed projects.

There are many advantages of HPC solutions offered by Compro:

• Ensures a very high level of performance.

• Ideal as it has Low installation costs and a perfect price / performance ratio.

• Energy consumption is very low.

• Saves office space.

• Easy to install and manage.

• If necessary, provides high scalability as performance improvement can be made.


HPC Success Story of ComPro: