Cloud Computing

ComPro provides support and cloud computing solutions for the clients under the brand name “CloudPro”, having made IBM SmartCloud Enterprise White Labeler for the first time in the world. Data is stored safely with high security in ISO 27001 Information Security certificated service quality and the data centers of IBM are located in six areas of the world.

Cloud Computing is the general name for the service that allows its clients to store applications, data or IT resources by virtualisation and access their data at any time via the Internet without leaving the firms having to pay large expenses to have non-intrusive/uninterrupted infrastructures which are designed as pay as you go model.

Across the globe, if it is taken into consideration that businesses have an average data usage doubling every 18 months and as a result they need more capacity, better performance, and business continuity requirements for the IT infrastructure investments and operational costs, cloud computing provides great convenience businesses. Especially the cost, safety, accessibility, easy installation and performance advantages can be listed as the advantages of cloud computing businesses.

Based on the use of service, cloud computing is classified as IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service). Especially PaaS and IaaS, provide the performance and the capacity for each institution and individual wants to pay monthly fee without investment. In addition, platforms such as DB2, Lotus, Websphere product families are offered to customers as “ready to use”, without the need to buy licenses. Thanks to PaaS service, the installation of the system software is stored as an image file can be accomplished in just a few minutes.

Thanks to cloud computing, it is now possible to use servers with an operating system (IaaS) in minutes by ordering cloud based servers. Besides, having an infrastructure that is flexible and cost-effective can be achieved at any time by turning the virtual servers on and off.


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