Systems & Storage Management

Businesses require IT infrastructures that ensure, high-level business continuity, cost-effectiveness and high-efficiency to succeed in today's competitive work environment. Two of the most important aspects of IT infrastructure are the servers that run business processes and storage units of the data. To this end, the right decision for investment in IT infrastructure and post-installation is vital to manage infrastructure of the companies.

Together with the constantly evolving technology, businesses contain a combination of different platforms, applications and operating systems on their IT infrastructures. The amount of work, information and data used is continuously increasing and in parallel to this, increased capacities and management of the data makes it host on the servers in a scattered way and this creates complex environment. Thanks to the software running on fully back-up hardware configurations, data storage systems capable of continuous service make this transformation from complexity to simplicity possible.

As an IBM Premier-level a business partner, ComPro provides solutions such as creating projects of system and storage infrastructure, determining most suitable products according to the needs, sales, installation, upgrade, and support services.