Data Replication & Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery refers to the processes and methods used to provide recovery and continuity of institutions, in case of a personal error and natural disasters. It has been used for about 40 years and firms spend an average of 2% to 4% of their IT expenses for disaster recovery planning. According to research institutions, almost all of the firms which have lost their critical data disappear in two years.

This process is vital to keep business processes. In many sectors IT systems and business processes have been so intertwined that a halt in the systems may result in incredible expenses. Except for maintenance activities, continuity of business processes, and backup for the protection of critical data, a disaster recovery plan needs to be given a priority during the foundation periods of institutions.

Disaster recovery solutions encompass the processes of planning the steps of running the IT systems again in case the system crashes and data are destroyed beyond repair. Measures are taken by planning how long the systems should remain off and data protection which is vital to business processes. Data replication includes your platform being replicated onto another platform very quickly or uninterruptedly and it is a solution that should be carried out with no mistakes and only in cases such as user error or disasters.

ComPro provides support for all kind of activities of data replication and disaster recovery and provides the technological infrastructure solutions to the customers. ComPro has provided customised solutions to the customers and supported them by carrying out successful disaster recovery operations.