Virtualization & Consolidation

Server consolidation helps businesses overcome the challenges of high costs and the complexity associated with server sprawl while giving them the flexibility to more rapidly adapt to changing business needs and workloads, and support new technologies. Consolidation is needed for the following reasons:

- Independent server resources work with very low efficiency

- Increase in operation, administration and maintenance costs

- The need for more efficient use of system room areas

The most commonly used method of consolidation is virtualization solution. Virtualization refers to the optimization of the efficiency of the server by a logical delegation of physical resources according to the needs. Virtualization forms the basis of cloud computing. With virtualization, many applications on a server can be used without loss of performance. In this way, a more efficient use of system resources and the environment will be available in fewer servers thus cuts the costs.

ComPro carries on virtualization and consolidation services solely on customer-focused approach. Among the matters that ComPro gives importance during the process of consolidation are servers obtaining maximum performance in the long term, as well as the efficiency of business processes and the methods.

ComPro plans consolidation projects as follows:

Data collection → Analysis of the data → Determination of the method of consolidation → Measurement of the current resources → Software installation and configuration → Existing servers’ consolidation transfer → Tests