Networking & Security

Security of IT infrastructures of firms is an important topic requiring expertise and security of the data is always at risk with the danger of natural disasters, malwares and human factor. In an online environment in which every computer is connected to each other, malware has become more threatening for the firms with the fact that it has developed and become more complex and complicated so, a more flexible, sensitive and integrated security solutions are needed.

It has become an obligation that security solutions are provided in every area as data security is not possible with only protecting the infrastructure of the network owing to the developments in systems, software and internet network. ComPro presents security solutions such as software security, data security, network security, user log records and fixing firewall vulnerability.

The importance of information and communication and continuous innovations in the technology require the firms to have an IT infrastructure with a fast and reliable communication network. One of the most important points of a strong IT infrastructure is undoubtedly well-designed network which operates flawlessly. ComPro has provided its clients with well-designed, well-set up and well-managed network infrastructures meeting different demands over the years.