Cloud Provisioning

Cloud computing is the model that allows the clients to access their data from anywhere, without restriction of location and by storing the data on the service provider's servers without the need of investment in their IT infrastructure. It also offers the institutions an advantage of flexibility by “pay as you go” payment model which is based on the amount of data transfer.

ComPro with the help of an exclusive agreement with IBM, the first IBM Smart Enterprise White Labeler offers cloud computing services under the name of CloudPro and provides institutions the following advantages:

Minimizes installation and operational costs of the IT infrastructure.

Provides high-level security with support by the IBM Security Intelligence.

Allows institutions to have strong IT infrastructure on very low budgets.

Allows institutions to reach data from anywhere regardless of location.

When a system or software installation is needed, it is performed in just a few minutes.

Systems constantly work with full performance and the performance may be increased at any time.

Dynamic IT infrastructure without limits is obtained.

Pay as you go model provides scalability.

Customer-focused service approach creates high level of customer satisfaction.


CloudPro offers institutions support for all kinds of steps to be taken in the process of transition to cloud computing. These steps are as follows:


Establishment of IT Strategy and Roadmap

Determining which Data will be gathered on the Cloud

Determining what Type of Cloud Service to exploit

Calculating the return on investment

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